20.06 (Wrong day) & 21.06 (Right day)

15 bands already confirmed:

Truckfighters (SWE) - To hear Truckfighters’ music, is to hear the sounds of the desert. It’s in their wide open expanse, it’s in their grand open groove and dust-caked metal riffs. You can hear progression and imagination.  da FuZZ! 

The Subways (UK) - Live THE SUBWAYS are truly one of the most exciting bands on the current touring circuit, thrilling crowds with their explosive rock sound and wild stage performances. They lead the crowds in orchestrated mayhem… getting everyone to scream, sit, pogo and dance like lunatics as the band crash through their explosive set.

Valley of the Sun (USA) – A Power rock trio in the truest sense. At a time when lo-fi recordings were en vogue, Valley of the Sun decided to buck the system and go the opposite direction, focusing on a more sleek sound and presentation. Loud & Stoner!

Planet of Zeus (GR) - Their music is a mixture of stoner rock, heavy metal with southern elements. They are known for their full of energy live performances.

Animacionerite (BG) -  Electronic & alternative band formed in 90's in Sofia. The band is ready do rock again after a couple of years break.

Babyface Clan (BG) -  is a seminal alternative rock band from Sofia. They used to be banned from most TV and radios due to singing in English and built an impressive following through their high-energy, berserk live shows.

Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs (BG) - Classic jazz and blues, psychedelic sounds, club beats and extraordinary, archetypal Gypsy voices & guttural shouts. Masterpiece.

Tuber (GR) - Post Rock band from Serres. Psychedelic atmosphere and a touch of romantic mood in their music.

Tona (SRB) -  Symbiosis of rock & metal & punk. Literally a gigantic explosion of powerful sonic blasts which  gonna blow your mind.

Popa Sapka (ROM) - Balkan melodies & rhythms, a mix of ska, pop, punk, gypsy, reggae, folk and last but not least, the traditional music of „mother Russia”.

Plastic Bo. (BG) -  Ska & punk rock band from Asenovgrad. They also mix in dub, melodic emo-sound and even hardcore.

Marauders Inc. (BG) - The downtuned Rock 'n' Roll maniacs. Energetic and very charismatic. 

Wooldozer (ROM) - Pure fire, passionate fuzzy riffs & BEER, Pleasure & Sun.

The Flying Detachment (BG) - A four piece high on anger, love and the Riff itself.

Hayes & Y (BG) They are a young but an accomplished band. They have the sibling-like synergy, emotion and vision needed

Wrong Fest is a music festival taking place in the Sofia village of Voinegovtsi, Bulgaria. The event has an experimental vibe and is organized with the support of the Sofia underground bar - The Wrong Bar, which has given the name of the festival itself. The place has been chosen to support the development of the Sofia tourism as there are extremely beautiful spots at the periphery of the capital.

1 euro ≈ 1.95 BGN (лева) 

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