Костюмите на Мария ПапучевскаКостюмите на Мария Папучевска

Костюмите на Мария Папучевска/Видеоинсталацията „Събличане/Обличане"

Откриване на изложба костюми на Мария Папучевска (Македония) и видео представяне на  видеоинсталацията „Събличане/Обличане"

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За събитието:
UN-DRESSING - dress audio video message

The idea of this dress audio message is by connecting different visual and audio elements, to show the interdependence and inseparability of the theatre, opera and ballet through the artistic expression of the costume designer - Marija Pupuchevska. The costume design as a process of visualizing the message of the play that is being staged, is one of the essential elements in the portrayal of the characters on stage, in a theatre, opera or a ballet performance. The timelessness of the costume design is seen in its power to take us, like a time-machine, on a journey through all the different ages in the history of civilization, and in extremely plastic way to pin point to the elements that tell us how people used to live and think, how they live and think and how they can live and think... This is yet another attempt to answer the eternal question about whether clothes dress or undress... cover or uncover... who we are... through the audio message by Kokan Dimushevski.

The structure of this video is, or rather contains 5 phases:

  1. UNCONSCIOUS – intuition -white (light crinolines for small steps)
  2. ANALYSIS – WHY - red (why I paint the war with silk and the wedding with broadcloth? WHY?)
  3. PROPORTIONS – body - dress relation (I measure and re-measure you up, I shape you in rigid molds, in order to say the unmeasurable.
  4. PLAY - rainbow (You break along the stitches, while I try to cover you in my colors, to tame you in my plays...)
  5. FREEDOM – WHITE - back to basic (I experience your play, I taste your unfaithfulness, your stubbornness and my persistence, that endless play of love and hate... I love you and I imagine you further away from me, back to my foundation, belonging to yourself... white again... I know you won't be in my reconsideration, but you will be in my accomplishments... Here and forever...
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